Increasing Productivity

Clean work space – clean mind – Set your productivity!

Like so many, myself included, there’s sometimes so many things to do, you don’t even know where to start!  This post is 2-fold – Setting up your productive space (physically and mentally) and establishing goals and deadlines – make your critical to-do list.

I like to consider myself productive and organized overall. This is true most days. Most days I have an idea of everything I need to accomplish, when I will accomplish it, and how.  Some days I have so much to bite off, where do I even begin??

Do I tackle the new Course?  Do I finally finish my latest training? Do I muddle through the dreaded video edits? ugh –  sometimes I just don’t have the motivation.  Finding that motivation is a skill in itself.

Setting yourself up for productivity has a lot of means and methods… I’m digging into what works for me, maybe these work for you, maybe you’ve never tried, maybe these can help you find the breakthrough you need.

Physically – Sometimes the biggest hurdle to getting past a mental block can be cleared in the physical sense. My desk is most often clean – but when it’s not, productivity definitely suffers.  A few key items for your workspace (table/desk):

  • Set up you desk with enough elbow room!
  • Remove items you’re not using – get rid of distractions
  • Give yourself something to much or sip on.  If I don’t have coffee or a snack to munch on, I find myself distracted by what might possibly be in the pantry…

Mentally – once your workspace is clear, are you still having difficulty concentrating? Make a list of some of your big ticket items to tackle that day or week.  What can you get done today? What can you get done this week? What NEEDS to get done? Click the link to the google sheet for my Daily Critical Tracker – this is what I use to stay on track, and what I use with my clients to track their activities.

(Save a copy for yourself, and add me to share if you would like additional help on making it even more productive –
just share and add my email:
  • List your projects and supporting tasks.
  • Prioritize! what’s most important to get done? This is that whole “eat the frog” scenario… take care of the important and challenging items first.
  • If you’re using my link, this tracker will even grade your performance for the week! I’m a huge advocate for tracking, because when you track, you know where you are and how to improve. Track away!

What do you do to keep yourself focused? Have you used a tracker like this before?  Does a little housekeeping help you get yourself back on track?

Let me know what works best for you in the comments!

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