Project Management as a Service – Providing you a PM (or several) to supplement your staff. Our PMs will provide direction, leadership, and insight to your teams to help them be involved and motivated to strive for more. The success of these projects incorporates industry knowledge and the mindset that we can and we will accomplish our goals. Bringing your projects to life is paramount. We focus on efficient processes, creating execution strategies that empower and engage your team, and implement controls to keep everyone on track.

Program Management

Programs often fail when alignment isn’t achieved. Our executive level consultants can bring alignment, knowledge and a how-to plan to your program. Supplementing programs with education and practice assure sustainable success.

Project Controls

Project controls keep us in line, knowing where we stand, where we are behind, and what comes next.  Whether looking for schedule, cost, or both.  We can create, manage and update your controls to help your team stay on track for on-time and on-budget success.  The experiences and knowledge of our team goes beyond creating and updating, to providing insight, forecasting, and analysis of events to help determine what happened and how to prevent it from happening again.  We always want to provide the services that help you strive for continuous improvements.  We believe in Lean principles and can train and incorporate pull planning with your team if desired.

Policies & Procedures Development

Documentation, established policies and the procedures to help assure everyone knows what they need to do – communicated alignment to corporate objectives. This ranges from employee handbooks, to detailed process and software tutorials. Whatever you need to educate your team and communicate expectations, we can create it. All products will be reviewed with you at planning, and routinely throughout. Our team will meet with the appropriate subject matter experts on your team, and create plans that align with your business.  Whether just starting out or working post-merger & acquisition, from Pharmaceutical development or ongoing operations, our experts help your team develop compliant, technical and medically appropriate documentation.

Strategic Growth Plan

Let our Business Administrators, Managers and Economist take a look and build a strategic growth plan to help you identify gaps in your business, how to fill them, and the methods to follow to strive for growth. From current financial analysis, gauging the current market, and forecasting with a plan of attack, this plan is designed specifically to your company and designed to help you grow within your niche. No cookie cutters here!

Market Analysis

Our economic landscape is constantly changing. Understanding your market can help you adapt and keep your business running smoothly.

Marketing Strategy

From development to ongoing marketing strategy, we review weekly and monthly metrics, and adjust the plan accordingly to shift as the market and economy adjust. While this service may not be a one and done, we will explain the process as we go, work with you through the hurdles and build up your knowledge and confidence to evaluate and pivot with agile speed and not get left in the dust.

Content Development

Ever hear the phase “Content is King”? Without content, your customers are not engaged and not communicating with you. Our content developers and copywriters can create content from white papers to emails, newsletter and blogs. With the creation of each of these deliverables we provide research and references to support our statements and findings. You’ll also have the option to turn items such as blogs and white papers into social media or email campaigns to draw in your customers and maintain engagement. With full content packages, we’ll establish a publishing calendar to plan and execute against.

Book a Commitment Free Call to discuss your vision and needs

Lead by Andrea Uvanni, The Moirae Group is a team of consultants providing business services to help strengthen and grow your organization. Whether through professional development, program implementation, education sessions, strategic planning or Project Management as a Service, we are prepared to jump in, get our feet wet and integrate into your team for optimum success. Team members can cover economics, education, and human resource needs, as well as multiple project managers and executive level consultants.

Andrea has built her career in project management for the Life Sciences Industry and worked with clients from pharmaceutical manufacturers, semi-conductor, and Information Technology (providers, manager and developers). A list of services is provided, but we always love to discuss your needs prior to selecting services to offer the best solution possible.

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