What We Do

& How We Do it

We guide and empower teams and organizations to implement systemic change to improve their processes.

We integrate a consultant into your organization for an observation period, assess the team functions, communications, software and processes. From our initial assessment we build a plan to streamline and improve; working with the teammates to make changes in small increments that have big impacts and are sustainable for long term progress.

Why you Need us –

Improving your processes leads to a more streamlined and efficient workflow that ultimately decreases the cost of doing business.

How we Help Your Business –

With higher efficiency, the cost of doing business decreases through less down time, tighter schedules, and higher productivity for your teams.

Upcoming Events –

Upcoming Event!
Join me 9/24 6:30 EST for my Keynote presentation on Lean for Less. (Click the image to sign up!)
Resume & LinkedIn Optimization
Join us for Resume and LinkedIn Optimization for successful Job Seeking 9/24 2 EST (click the Image to sign up!)


The Moirae were three goddesses known as the spinners of fate.
I believe in fate to a degree: you meet the love of your life by a chance encounter, you find the perfect dress at an unpredictable moment.

Fate though does not dictate your success in life, only you can determine that.

I help you continue on the path of success, establish goals, and plan for success.

I’m here to guide, train, encourage and hold you accountable through business success.

Join us in becoming a Moirae and spinning your fate.

Contact us at Business@themoiraeg.com