Our Vision, Mission, & Values

We are here to guide and empower teams and organizations to implement systemic change to improve their processes, build efficient operations, and overall aid in the advancement of life sciences for the betterment of our world.

We pride ourselves on thoughtful leadership, and putting our hearts into everything we do.

When people set out to make a difference it’s easy to see results. We know great results are within reach and are dedicated to helping you and your organization achieve them.

We integrate a consultant into your organization to solve a problem, develop a plan to streamline and improve and make changes in small increments that have big impacts and are sustainable for long term progress.

Show us a problem, we’ll build you a solution.

We provide experts to help your organization, whether operations and leadership, manufacturing or supply chain, or even medical and regulatory – Our team is always growing.

When improving your processes leads to a more streamlined and efficient workflow, you ultimately decrease the cost of doing business.

The Future of On-Demand Experts*

Consultant experts have been around for ages, and the look has adjusted with the times, from future evaluation in board rooms, to the functional consultants we more often find today, getting down and dirty and fully integrated with client teams for streamlined success. Where will this continue to go? If we listen to the trends, it’s only going to go up!

234% YOY Management Consulting Increase
1,308% YOY Corporate Strategy Increase
3,662% YOY Business Strategy Increase
1,565% YOY Merger & Acquisition Increase
414% YOY Business Planning Increase
243% YOY Strategy Support Increase
715% YOY Go to Market Strategy Increase
295% YOY Independent Market Research Increase

*Content extracted from the Graphite Q3 Independent Consultant Report


The Moirae were three goddesses known as the spinners of fate.
I believe in fate to a degree: you meet the love of your life by a chance encounter, you find the perfect dress at an unpredictable moment.

Fate though does not dictate your success in life, only you can determine that.

I help you continue on the path of success, establish goals, and plan for success.

I’m here to guide, train, encourage and hold you accountable through business success.

Join us in becoming a Moirae and spinning your fate.

Contact us at Business@themoiraeg.com