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Meet the Team

Andrea Uvanni – Owner & Principal Consultant

Andrea M Uvanni – Owner, Principle Consultant

Andrea is what she likes to consider a full-time optimist, bringing strategies for success to every situation. As a consultant, she not only looks for ways to improve the process and drive efficiencies, she strives to educate the team on strategies and software to make life easier. Andrea’s background is in advanced industry project management, where she managed projects and programs that delivered multi-million dollar projects on time and on budget, with a never ending focus on quality assurance. She is a certified Business Coach and Financial Analyst. Andrea grew up with a family that owned and operated various businesses across services, retail and the food industry. Understanding the efforts to run a business, Andrea strives to make each client’s team more efficient so they can work to live, not live to work.

When not working, Andrea enjoys biking through trails with her son and fiancé, kayaking, and cooking enough for a small army even when no one is visiting.

Lisa Pasqualetti – Administrative Service Manager

Lisa Pasqualetti – Administrative Service Manager

Lisa is exceptionally detail oriented, serving as a highly organized Administrative Service Manager and Project Coordinator.  With her ability to work independently or as team player, she supports various projects and client engagements. She has a Bachelors of Arts Degree, and National Career Readiness Certification. Her ability to comprehend, analyze, troubleshoot, and solve complex problems makes her a powerhouse in our biotech client world.

In addition to her core responsibilities, she has authored SOPs and other technical manuals as needed. To help support client efforts in establishing new facilities, we pull on Lisa’s familiarity with OSHA Compliance and EH&S standards.

Peter Holst – Project Manager – Computer Science and Security

Peter Holst – Project Manager Computer Science & Security
​Peter is a young professional leveraging his experiences with Computer Science Information Systems and software programming to bring exceptional insights to every client and facilitate digital growth in a digital world.  The integration of technology to improve everyday tasks and software development to maintain efficiencies in evolving environments are just some of Peter’s strengths, building off his educational foundation of a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science Information Systems.

Peter brings several years of technology and software functional expertise to our team, working on the development, implementation and management of software rollout projects to ensure delivery of the specific needs for each client.  His expertise allows for functional evaluations of client needs and a fine-tooth comb through of requirements to find the best and right-sized software solutions. Peter crosses the bridge of developer and Project Manager, providing functional consulting to teams in order to ensure proper translation of needs between the doers and the developers.

Nedra Davis – Project Manager – Life Science Operations and Process Efficiency

Nedra Davis – Project Manager Operations and Process Efficiency
​Nedra is a diligent and dedicated Business Operations Management professional with 12 of experience in all aspects of operations, including relationship management, project management skills and techniques, new technology implementation management, finance, time management, and project budgets. She has demonstrated success in executing project management experience and techniques to analyze data, optimize processes and streamline operations within life cycles to manage complex projects from inception to closing. She thrives in and has a passion for performing in pressurized customer-focused situations, ensuring strict techniques and high standards are consistently upheld.  Her experiences provide a blend of healthcare, clinical, technology, and business operations, resulting in a cross-functional expert who excels at program execution.

Tara Holst – Business and Supply Chain Specialist

Tara Holst – Business and Supply Chain Specialist

Tara is a Supply Chain Specialist focused on development and execution of Supply Chain Processes, increasing efficiencies and developing multi-department process alignment.

​Tara brings several years of supply chain expertise to our team, merging technology and material handling for efficient tracking and movement of your critical supplies.  Her ability to adapt to the software selections from client to client has built an understanding of supply chain intricacies that draw her focus to improvements and efficiencies for systematic adoption across organizations.  Tara works well with teams of any size through a focused servant-leader approach and her ability to provide detailed training for streamlined process adoption.  She has created programs that establish continuity between users across an organization, regardless of varying use cases.

Mike Bower – Project Manager , MBA

Mike Bower
Mike Bower – Project Manager , MBA

Mike is a Results Driven Construction Industry Leader, striving for continuous improvements through open communication, project management, and stakeholder engagement. Project success starts with a solid team, and Mike is a perfect leader to build the foundation.  Mike’s experience has been shaped with combinations of Project Management, Business Management and Consulting, culminating in the knowledge learned over years of doing business.  With an MBA and degree in Environmental Science, he can provide the scientific background to supplement many high-stakes project needs or business endeavors. His partner and director level experiences have shaped a broad outlook that he brings to every client, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for success. His business knowledge can help bridge the barrier to entry for many startups, or excel beyond the plateau.  Mike not only strives for project success but a fulfilled life through his family and community involvement.

Emma Bartscherer – Strategist

Emma Bartscherer
Emma Bartscherer – Strategist

Emma Bartscherer is the proud daughter of a family that has owned and operated a small business for nearly two decades.  She understand the long hours, hard work, and grit required of every business owner, regardless of sector, and is eager to offer her expertise to help fellow business owners thrive.  With a bachelor’s degree in economics & German, a master’s degree in counseling, and nearly a decade of leadership experience within higher education, Emma has developed a broad skill set that includes data analysis, graphic design & marketing, technological support, strategic action planning, effective interpersonal communication, and analyzing market trends.  Providing consulting services since 2017, Emma finds great reward in helping other plan, grow, or refine their business and lives by the motto that people do better when they know better.

In her free time, Emma enjoys serving as Auntie to all her friend’s four-legged friends, enjoys swimming, dabbles in cooking, and loves to travel when time allows.


Christine Manna – Education & Business Management

Christine Manna
Christine Manna – Education & Business Management

Christine Manna is the angel you never knew you needed.  From special education to foster
care, and degrees in Human Resource Management, Education, and Hospitality Management, Christine offers the services that educate, integrate and empower your teams to reach unparalleled successes. While she adores her work with special needs children, she flourishes with the challenges of team development.  Her training development approach encompasses all learners and industries, allowing for adaptable training environments.  Christine has been an integral part of managing multiple family-run businesses, and developed her career through management successes.  Christine’s years of experience make her a great addition to HR management, course and training development and business management consulting.


Brittany Catanzarita – Operations & Marketing Specialist

Brittany Catanzarita – Operations & Marketing Specialist (Partnership with Bridge Co.)
Brittany is an experienced Operational Leader with communications and marketing expertise.  Her consulting experiences have encompassed account management, engagement leadership, and strategic and dynamic organizational design.  Her strengths lie within her project management efforts to align planning, prioritization, and execution across multiple teams. Brittany’s marketing efforts have provided heavy focus in facilitating scalability, predictability, and efficiency of core messages across her initiatives.
Brittany is founder of Bridge Co., proud partner of the Moirae Group, LLC.
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