Spinners of Fate – Meet the Owner (PST! That’s Me)

Of anything I’ve learned over the years, no one is going to pursue success for you. You might get a little help here and there and a friendly coworker. But if you have ambitions for yourself, they aren’t going to bring you everything you want. Fate doesn’t hand you success, only opportunities, you need to take the leap and spin your own fate.

I am a quality program manager for Advanced Industry Construction, focusing in Pharmaceutical work. Everything I do is documented, reviewed, picked to pieces, reviewed again, and then maybe it’s good enough to pass to the next person in line for the information. It’s taken the past 10 years to find my way, to become someone whom my peers no longer question, but accept my knowledge, and even seek my opinion. This is partly because I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge over the past 10 years, but it is also due to the number of hurdles overcome, discriminations fought through, and biases proven wrong.

I am a mother, wife, baker, crafter, reader, mentor, teacher, giver, dog-lover, Manager, co-worker, leader; the list can go on and on. Most of my peers are men. Most of them are older.

Does that make a difference? Not at all.

Sometimes it just makes finding your voice a little tougher. Don’t give up.

I am a true advocate for setting goals, outlining your path, tracking progress and never ever giving up. Sometimes you need to change directions. That’s ok, maybe where you were going wasn’t what you had hoped or planned for. Failure only occurs when you give up and stop pursing improvements. I have worked for national companies, small mom-n-pops, and everything in between. Sometimes it’s a bad boss you need to navigate past, a thorny coworker, or just proving to your team you are an asset and in short, you know your shit. Be a strong bold leader, no matter what your role.

Today, I’m becoming an asset for you. A guiding force to help you spin your fate in the direction you want, a mentor to lean on, and I will be using personal experiences to help share the lessons learned over the years.

If you’re struggling to break through at work, at business, at life, let me help. Sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction.

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