BIG Planning – Think Big

Give yourself BIG goals – Plan for BIG success! – Look for the LONG TERM!

What’s your BIG goal?! How do you define success for that goal? Do you know what your milestones are along the way?

If you don’t have it written down somewhere… pull out a piece of paper right now! Or journal, or tablet… whatever you have to document your big goal. Are you looking for a promotion? Do you want a new job? Do you want to start your own business? Grow your Business? De-stress your life? Re-establish happiness? Your goal can be whatever your passion drives you to strive for. This is the time to write down the goal you can’t get off your mind.

Now you have a goal – is it well defined? You have to define your goal to know what achieving success will look like. Take a moment and think about what this success looks like. We’ll break this down from a construction project standpoint – you can say your goal is to build a manufacturing facility, but imagine the variables to truly defining success for that facility.

– How big is the building?
– What is inside the building?
– Do we need to do civil and landscaping work?
– What kind of utilities need to go inside the building?
– Do you need to install equipment or furniture?
– What is the timeline for success?

There’s a lot more to your goal than a goal, you need to define what success looks like, and what the timeline for execution is. When do you want to get the goal accomplished, and what does success really look like.

Paint a picture of success. Share your goals in the comments or on social, and if you need a little guidance defining what that success looks like, reach out.

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