Challenges are Opportunities for Growth

Challenges help us grow. My career has helped me grow, and it has been a series of challenges, building on knowledge and experiments. This week, my podcast interview with Ingrid Thompson went live on her show “So You Want To Start A Business”.  She has a Prime Editors’ pick book of the same name, and it’s well worth the read – Get The Book Here!

Ready for the podcast?  Access it on Apple Podcasts Here, or Ingrid’s website Here!

Ingrid is a leader in assisting small businesses to prosper and grow. Working with her was a complete treat, and I would do it again over and over.

Ingrid and I share an undeniable belief that we can take any goal, any business objective, and break it down into actionable steps that are truly achievable.

Here’s to hoping you enjoy the podcast and come back for more content.

I am here to help guide you through your decisions, help you avoid the mistakes, and help your business prosper through a growth mindset and efficient processes with your team.

I hope you can find motivation and inspiration from Ingrid as I have.

Best of luck,



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