Introducing: The PM Science of Life

Welcome Back Spinners of Fate! The Moirae Group is honored to announce the kick-start of our new blog series: The PM Science of Life.

This blog covered topics experienced by our team of consultants, project managers, and even guest authors who cover the following elements of the Life Science Industry:

  • Pharmaceuticals (Development, Medical Affairs, Manufacturing, etc)
  • Healthcare (Private and Government)
  • Research & Development
  • Technology & Digital (including Software development)
  • Supply Chain Wins & Struggles
  • Design & Innovations
  • Operations & Transformational Strategy

Beyond our expert topics within the industry, we will always continue to cover some of our basic topics of Project Management Strategy, Book Club best reads, lessons learned, risk management and one of our favorites – Remote Consulting Strategy.

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At the Moirae Group, we want to help you spin your fate and bring every project to success. We welcome feedback and are always hoping for new topics.  If you have something you want to learn more about – please reach out.


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