Fighting Childhood Cancer

It takes courage to face a sickness like cancer head on. I can only imagine the strength and courage so many children have to find within themselves to take on the battle of fighting cancer.

While I may not be in the doctors’ or scientists’ chairs discovering the next treatment strategy, I know I have some power in this fight!

Join me, as I take on the Great Cycle Challenge, riding and raising money to help fight childhood cancer.

Whether you join our team, join our rides, or make a contribution, your help is forever appreciated.

This September I have set up a 200 mile ride goal, $2,500 personal fundraising goal, and $3,500 company goal (with a goal of 1000 miles).

We can’t achieve any of these goals without YOU.

Click to join or donate

The Great Cycle Challenge Donation Page

Interested in joining the ride and raising funds? Join our team at The Moirae Group!

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