Key Elements to a Resume

Episode 1 – Key Elements of a Resume

It’s 2020 and everyone is praising New Year New You! Part of your refresh should include your resume. Gone are the days of bland and plain resumes, give it a refresh, no matter what your level or industry, there’s tweaks you can make to help you stand out.

Take a look at the Webinar or download the samples (jane-doe-1.docxjohn-smith.docxfrank-thomas.docx) to see what bold and daring changes you can make in addition to improved content. If there’s only a few things you take away from this webinar:

Make sure you keep your resume clean. Boxing sections, simple font, concise statements and bullets.

Don’t write an objective, make it a Mission Statement or Personal Introduction!

Choose layouts and bold choices that suit your role and industry.

Be you. Inexplicably, be you. Showcase who you are and why you’re unique order the next candidate.

Bonus – Enter to win a Resume Makeover by sharing your best “Personal Mission Statement” in the comments or social media. Be sure to tag @TheMoiraeG and use the two hashtags #SpinYourFate and #ResumeRevamp. Winners will be selected Feb 2.

As always, reach out when you need a little help!

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