Time Management is more than Scheduling

Have you ever written out a great schedule, blocked out your time, created a bullet journal and still get to the end of your week and discover you didn’t accomplish much?

We’ve all been there. Time Management is more than just managing your blocks of time, it’s controlling what you do and don’t do within that time. So how do you actually manage your time?

You could spend hours upon hours on a scheduled task, but if you don’t manage your focus, limit your distractions and work productively, your schedule won’t mean much.

What are your tips to staying focused?

-Eliminate your distractions
–Turn the TV off, music is ok if you can still focus
–Set up a good work station
–Get everything you need together before you get started

-Review your goals when you start
–Did you accomplish what you needed last time to meet success this time?
–What would you like to accomplish today?
–What must you accomplish today to maintain your schedule?
–How will you define success today?

-Block out your time, break down your goals throughout segments of your dedicated time,
–How can you make bite size items into your larger goal?

Once you have a goal, get to it!!

If you’re not sure what you need to accomplish today, don’t have a defined goal, take the time to think it out. But if anything, work on something toward your overall goal, it will help you in the right direction, but may not be as efficient and focused.

If you can manage your time and focus, you’ll be amazed at your increased productivity. Track your progress and check from day to day to week to week if you’re seeing improved productivity.

You can download the Critical Tracker HERE

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