Summer School Rehab Sign-Ups are LIVE!

July 6 through August 15

6 weeks

12 modules

a revamp to keep your successful. 

+ Bonus 3 months of additional 1:1 coaching support. 

Unlike so many courses we find, this isn’t a business start up course, this is a  business continuation course! This is helping you identify where you are, where you want to go, what success looks like and how to elevate your activities to get you there!

The course outline is below:

Module 1: Identifying Needs
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Where Do You Need Help?
Unit 3 How Can I Help?
Unit 4 Homework 7/6
Module 2: Defining Goals
Unit 1 Having a Goal Isn’t Enough
Unit 2 Break It Down
Unit 3 6 Week Look Ahead
Unit 4 Repeat Planning
Unit 5 Be Flexible & Forgiving with Yourself
Unit 6 Homework 7/8
Module 3: Building Confidence
Unit 1 You Can Accomplish What Your Work For
Unit 2 Difference Between Those Who Do And Those Who Don’t
Unit 3 Homework 7/13
Module 4: Taking Chances
Unit 1 You Need To Take Changes
Unit 2 What Does Failure Look Like?
Unit 3 What’s the Worst That Can Happen?
Unit 4 Let’s Move Past That
Unit 5 Risk vs Reward
Unit 6 Homework 7/15
Module 5: Defining Criteria For Success
Unit 1 Key Performance Indicators
Unit 2 Know When You’re Approaching Failure
Unit 3 Follow Up with Critical Tracker
Unit 4 What Do You Change For Next Week?
Unit 5 KPI’s Change Over Time
Module 6: Breaking Down Success Further
Unit 1 Look at Success Over the Years
Unit 2 Plan Short Sprints
Unit 3 Pull Planning Process
Unit 4 Pull Plan and Weekly Work Plan template
Unit 5 Homework 7/20
Module 7: Plan! Plan! Plan!
Unit 1 Big Pull Plans
Unit 2 Small Pull Plans
Unit 3 Causes of Variance
Unit 4 Constraints
Unit 5 Homework 7/27
Module 8: Ask for Help
Unit 1 None of Us Can Go It Alone
Unit 2 Who to Go to For Help
Unit 3 What Can You Delegate?
Unit 4 No Shame is Asking for Help
Unit 5 Homework 7/29
Module 9: Create an Escape
Unit 1 Not Everything Goes As Planned
Unit 2 Know Your KPIs to Know When You’re Approaching Failure
Unit 3 What To Do When We See Failing KPIs
Unit 4 How Do We Escape? What’s Your Remediation Plan?
Unit 5 Track Your Fix!
Unit 6 Homework 8/3
Module 10: Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail
Unit 1 We Keep Talking About Your Plan
Unit 3 Tracking Keeps You on Point with Your Goals
Unit 4 Homework 8/5
Module 11: Pull it Together
Unit 1 Review Your 6 Month Plan
Unit 2 Risk vs Reward
Unit 3 Well Defined Goals for Success
Unit 4 Key Performance Indicators
Unit 5 Weekly Work Plans
Unit 6 Percent Plan Complete
Unit 7 Constraints & Causes of Variance
Unit 8 Help & Guidance
Unit 9 What Does Your Plan Look Like Now?
Unit 10 Homework 8/10
Module 12: Accountability
Unit 1 How Will You Hold Yourself Accountable?
Module 13: Closeout & Review
Unit 1 Setting Up Your Accountability Call Schedule

If you’re ready for a deep dive into your planning, productivity and achieving elevated success in life and business, this is for you.  Sign up for Summer School Rehab before classes fill up.

The kids have had their home school, it’s time to get our lives back on track and elevating our career to the level of success we want and deserve.  I designed this course to re-evaluate what and how we build out success in the face of adversities, allowing us to see when we are in trouble and fix the trajectory quickly.  With the onslaught of COVID-19, we have all had our lives flipped upside down.

Join me for a 6 week intensive transformation to get your life and career back on track. When the course is over, you also get 3 months of 1:1 accountability calls (15-20 minutes) and Monthly 1:1 sessions (45-60 minutes) to help reinforce what you learned and keep you moving forward.

Take me to the Course! 

Original Price: $1,800

New Price: $897 

Value: $3,300 ($2,403 savings)

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